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About - Handicap

This page explains the handicap system of DDGU Scorekeeper.

DDGU Handicap

The DDGU handicap system is based on the same principles as the PDGA rating system, where the handicaps of the players are based on the players performance compared to all the other players at a given event. To calculate the handicaps, the basic principle is that you take the average of all the players handicaps and the average of all the players scores for a given date. Then all scores are compared to the average values and given a new result handicap value. It is important to distinguish between these two:

  • Result handicap - Each result that is eligible for handicapping will be assigned a handicap when the results are processed.
  • Player handicap - The players handicap at a given time. This is roughly the average of the players result handicaps from a year back.

In the DDGU Handicap, the handicap is always calculated as the weighted average of the players result handicaps from a year back. Weighted means that a result from a 9 holes course only counts half as much as a result from a 18 holes course. We also require that there must be at least 3 result handicaps before the player can be assigned a player handicap.

Once a set of results have been processed for handicaps - the score corresponding to handicap 5 is archieved in the system for reference. This is known as the course / tee Standard Scratch Score and gives an indication of how difficult the course is. The more SSSes for a given tee, the more accurate it should also be.

Besides that there are also a number of statistic corrections and other stuff, but we won't bore you with those here.


To be able to calculate handicaps for a set of results, they need to abide to the following rules:

  1. Event played on danish ground.
  2. 4 propagators from the same tee on the same date - There must be at least four propagators. Propagators are players with a handicap of 25 or better.
  3. Handicaps are normally not calculated from practice rounds. If there are more than 4 propagators, the results can be submitted as an "adhoc" match using the Match reporting excel sheet.

Other information

  • We can calculate handicaps on any number of holes - 6, 9, 12, 18, 27 etc.
  • We can also calculate handicaps for semis and finals.
  • All players will receive a handicap - not just DDGU members anymore.


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