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DDGU Scorekeeper

Online Score System of Danish Disc Golf Union

About - Match

This page explains the match system of DDGU Scorekeeper.

DDGU Match

The match subsystem of DDGU Scorekeeper allows clubs to have an ongoing weekly match, where the participating players handicaps are automatically updated and the current standings are automatically updated after each weeks results have been entered. The current standings are calculated both with and without handicaps.

This way a club can ensure that their players can have a handicap and that it is current with frequent updates. The club can choose how many divisions the standings should include - this means that there can be an open division and an AM division, that plays from different tees.

The system uses the DDGU handicap, which you can read more about here.

Practical stuff

Each club can appoint up to three club members to act as Scorekeepers. These persons are responsible for collecting the scores from the players each week and for entering them into DDGU Scorekeeper. They can use a specialized entry page on DDGU scorekeeper that is customized to entering large amounts of similar data (like same course, date, round etc.).

The specialized page only handles club members. If the club has a visitor for their weekly match, then the visitors results can be entered using the non-specialized entry form.

The scorekeepers are encouraged to enter hole-by-hole scores as this generates usable statistics for the usage of their home courses - but a total score can also be provided if needed.

The club can receive a link their handicap list, which can be embedded into their own homepage with CSS matching their homepage.

You can sign you club up by contacting Arne Mejlholm. Please include the names of the scorekeepers and Arne will then set the club, scorekeepers and match correctly up.


  • - The system is only availiable to Danish clubs and is free to use.
  • - The scorekeepers must be members of DDGU - they need logins to the system and only DDGU members have that.
  • - The scorekeepers must maintain a list of the players in their club - otherwise the amount of players to choose from in the entry forms is simply too large.

Linking to the club ranking page

The club ranking page can be included into your homepage through an iframe, something like this:

<IFRAME border="0" width="100%" height="6000px" src=""> </IFRAME>

Where 6 is the clubs ID in the database.


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