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DDGU Scorekeeper

Online Score System of Danish Disc Golf Union

About - PDGA App

This page explains how to submit results to DDGU Scorekeeper through the PDGA app.

How to submit results to the DDGU Scorekeeper system

In order to have your results automatically entered in the DDGU Scorekeeper system after you have registered a round in the Official PDGA App, you should follow these steps:

  • 1) Select an existing course in the app, so that the course name is setup correctly.
  • 2) Make sure that the name of the players you enter in the app are the same as on the DDGU Scorekeeper.
  • 3) Play the round and enter the scores in the app.
  • 4) When done, press "Share Round".
  • 5) Then press "Email Round".
  • 6) Set the TO field to
  • 7) Set FROM field to the email address you have registered with DDGU.
  • 8) Press send.

After this you should receive an automatic reply that states whether the results have been rejected or approved. If they are approved you should be able to seen then on the front page as practice results. The system checks for new results every 15 minutes, so in average you will wait approximately 7-8 minutes for the reply.


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