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This page shows all the courses in the database on google maps. Notice that it is only the courses that are registered with coordinates in the database that are shown on the map.



You can click on either of the rows and the table wll expand with the tees for the course. Click on one of the tees to get more statistics from that tee or click on the course to get the weather on the course today.

The courses are divided the following types:

  • Private - You need to course owners permission to play the course.
  • Pay to Play - You can play if the course is open, but it requires a fee.
  • Public - You can play the course for free anytime.

Courses on Zealand (3)

Course Baskets Type Avg. Rating Link Link /
Link /
Link /
Hillerød, in Eghjorten 18 Public Map Course N/A PDGA
-> Yellow - 18 holes Tee 18 61 0.00
-> Yellow - Finals 2014 Tee 9 31 0.00
Kokkedal, in Fredtoften 18 Public Map Course Club PDGA
-> Yellow Tee 18 58 0.00
-> Yellow DM 2014 Tee 18 58 0.00
-> Yellow finals 2014 Tee 9 31 0.00
København, in Valbyparken 18 Public Map Course Club PDGA
-> Yellow before 2017 Tee 18 60 0.00
-> Yellow Finals 2012 Tee 9 31 0.00

Please contact the webmaster if you know of a permanent course that isn't in the table.

A total of 3 courses were found in the database.



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