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Player: Per Sørensen

This page shows you the information about the player. All the information on this page is gathered from all the players results, i.e. it does not reflect a given course.


The figure below shows the progression on the players handicap.

Figure 1: The players latest ratings.

Below you can see the tournaments included for calculating the players handicap. Click on an event to see the individual rounds.

Event Course Round(s) Date(s) Score(s) Handicap(s) D Weight(s)

Finally you can also see the handicap divided by the tier level of the tournaments.

Tier Count Min Avg Max
C Tier 5 22.4 28.30 37.1

Misc. Information

The table below is a tabber, where you can click on the different headings and click through different information about the player.


Overall information about the players placements in tournaments.

Description Count
Win by most shots: 0
Tournaments Won:0
Best Placement:3
Avg. Placement:12

Here are the tournaments the player competed in, sorted by placement.

Event Date(s) Division Rounds Placement
DDGU DT 2011 #5, Randers 25-26/6 Grand Master 5 3
DDGU DT 2012 #1, Ebeltoft 31/3 Grand Master 3 3
Danish Championships 2011 10-11/9 Grand Master 4 5
Jysk Vintertour 2013/2014 #2 8/12 AM Advanced 2 6
Jysk Vintertour 2013/2014 #1 3/10 AM Advanced 2 14
Jysk Vintertour 2011/2012 #1 13/11 AM Advanced 2 15
Jysk Vintertour 2013/2014 #3 12/1 AM Advanced 2 20
Jysk Vintertour 2012/2013 #1 11/11 AM Advanced 2 21
Jysk Vintertour 2013/2014 #5 9/3 AM Advanced 2 27


The player has participated on the following tours.

Tour Division Placement
Jysk Vintertour 2013/2014 AM Advanced 16
Jysk Vintertour 2011/2012 AM Advanced 28
Jysk Vintertour 2012/2013 AM Advanced 28
DDGU Danish Tour 2011 Grand Master
DDGU Danish Tour 2012 Grand Master

Here you can see how the player has developed based on national and international rankings. Notice that the rankings are not availiable before mid year 2012.

The players placement for the national championships.


Here are the players scores broken down relative to the par of each hole.

Name Count
Hole in Ones:0
Double Bogies:22
Triple Bogies:5
Quadruple Bogies:1
More Than Quadruple Bogies:4

Here are the players best rounds.

Based on handicap

Date Course Score Handicap
2013-12-08 Kløften, Haderslev 29 9.9
2013-10-03 Bygholm Park, Horsens 28 13.8
2013-12-08 Kløften, Haderslev 65 15.5
2014-03-09 Tilst Bypark, Aarhus 67 17.7
2013-10-03 Bygholm Park, Horsens 63 20.4
2014-03-09 Tilst Bypark, Aarhus 70 20.5
2014-03-09 Tilst Bypark, Aarhus 35 21.4
2012-03-31 Ebeltoft Idrætscenter, Ebeltoft 33 22.4
2012-11-11 Tilst Bypark, Aarhus 64 23.7
2014-01-12 Bakkerne, Ørsted 34 24.1

Based on PDGA Rating

Event Date Round Value


The courses played by the player are shown below. Click on the name to get to player specific statistics for the course.

Danish Courses

Course Results Rating
Bakkerne 2 results
Bundgaardsparken 4 results
Bygholm Park 2 results
Dronningborg 8 results
Ebeltoft Idrætscenter 8 results
Kløften 2 results
Tilst Bypark 6 results

Other Countries

Course Country Results

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The graphs below show the summarized numbers of how many days the player has played for different periods of time.

The players activity counted per year.

The players activity counted per month.

The players activity counted per day.


The player has never been a member of DDGU.

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Country Denmark
PDGA number N/A
Union Member no
Certified Official no
Results 32
Events 9
Events this season 0
Club Ranks -

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