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Player: Frederik Sørensen

This page shows you the information about the player. All the information on this page is gathered from all the players results, i.e. it does not reflect a given course.

This player has no results yet.

PDGA Ratings...

The figure below shows the progression on the players PDGA ratings.

Figure 2: The players latest ratings.

Below you can see the tournaments included for calculating the players PDGA rating. Click on an event to see the individual rounds.

Event Round(s) Date(s) Rating(s) D
DDGU Danish Championship 2017 892.00
1 2017-09-09 847 +
2 2017-09-09 928 -
3 2017-09-09 892
4 2017-09-09 901 -

Finally you can also see the ratings divided by the tier level of the tournaments.

Tier Count Min Avg Max
B Tier 4 847 892.00 928

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Country Denmark
PDGA number 99081
Union Member no
Certified Official no
Current PDGA Rating 892
Events 0
Events this season 0
European Rank None
Club Ranks -
Horsens Disc Golf 1

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