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DDGU Scorekeeper

Online Score System of Danish Disc Golf Union


This page lists the most current tournaments. Click on the tournaments name to see more detailed results from the tournament. Note that this page only shows tournaments not older than a year.

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Tournament Tier Date(s) No. Rounds Tour Links
DC D'Am Tour 2018 #2 9/6 2
DDGU Danish Championships 2018 - presented by DGA B 22-23/9 3
Par2 turnering i Tilst Bypark 21/7 2
Sjællands Mesterskaber 2018 XC 29/9 2
Støtteturnering for de danske Juniorer til EM 2018 5/8 3
Tilst Open 7-8/7 3


Tournament Tier Date(s) No. Rounds Tour Links
Par 2 turnering på Eghjorten 18/8 2

A total of 7 tournaments were found in the database.

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