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Course: Starup Hede

This page is mostly for the people who maintain the course. The page clearly shows if some holes are too hard or easy for the average player and therefore maybe should be redesigned, or have a different par.

Official course records...

Here are the official course records. Official record means that it was set during a tournament.

Tee Player Date Score Link

Unofficial course records...

Here are the unofficial course records. Unofficial record means that it may have been set during a tournament, a match or just a practice round.

Tee Player Date Score Link
White 26
Jens Sørensen 2010-10-09 26
Thomas Rasmussen 2010-10-09 26
White 18 Holes 49
Mikael Birkelund Jensen-johansen 2013-10-12 49
White 2011 24
Dennis Thygesen 2011-10-08 24

Course Ratings

Player Date Rating
Michael Schwebs 2013-06-06
Allan Hallengreen 2013-08-12



Course type Public
Avg. Rating 3.50
Number of ratings 2


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